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Tadweer and Abu Dhabi Police collaborate on safe driving campaign


Tadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company) has announced the launch of the “Drive Safely, Save Lives” campaign in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police, which will run across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra region throughout August

The campaign targets Tadweer’s employees, drivers and inspectors, and aims to raise awareness on road and transport safety. The focus of the campaign is to encourage Tadweer’s employees to adhere to traffic laws and follow responsible driving behaviour on the roads. 

As part of the campaign, representatives from Abu Dhabi Police will conduct an awareness seminar for Tadweer’s employees, as well as hosting a range of training sessions and workshops.

In addition, Tadweer will distribute electronic brochures and share daily tips on defensive driving in residential areas, construction zones, and rural and urban areas. These will target truck drivers, heavy equipment vehicle operators, and small car drivers, to promote responsible driving as a priority for maintaining road safety.

Hussain Al Hammadi, director of the Health, Safety & Environment Department at Tadweer said, “The launch of this campaign reaffirms our commitment to promoting a strong health and safety culture among our employees and contractors at Tadweer. The campaign will help drive significant change in road safety, create a safe and sustainable transport environment in the Emirate and raise awareness on the importance of responsible driving. Our collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police is a key pillar for the success of this campaign, and we look forward to joining our efforts to ensure a safer future for all.”

Colonel Ahmed Khadim Al Qubaisi, deputy director of Abu Dhabi Traffic Department said, “The core focus of this campaign centres around promoting public awareness on road safety and the importance of complying with the traffic laws and regulations of Abu Dhabi Police. This aligns with our steadfast commitment to ensure the safety and security of all individuals by continually devising and implementing effective strategies, plans, and informative lectures. Furthermore, it is important to educate drivers and leverage social media platforms to raise awareness about the significance of conducting routine and comprehensive maintenance checks on vehicles prior to their usage on roads.”