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Dubai Maritime Authority organises awareness campaign for maritime safety


The Dubai Maritime Authority at the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, organised an awareness campaign on maritime safety for Abra drivers in Dubai

The campaign received wide participation from marine craft drivers in the emirate, as part of its efforts to raise awareness of the importance of adhering to safe driving requirements and procedures to be followed while driving an Abra.

The campaign, which was held in Dubai Creek, included a series of discussion sessions that included a number of topics to raise awareness among Abra drivers, especially safety equipment on board the Abra (such as life jackets, emergency signals, and how to use a first aid kit and fire extinguishers), commitment to safe driving at the specified speeds, especially in waterways and safe overtaking mechanisms, contingency planning (such as distress signals and briefing safety instructions at each departure), crowd management (how to follow procedures to reduce and avoid panic and wear life jackets correctly), how to prevent marine pollution (identifying sources of pollution and taking measures against oil pollution).

Captain Ibrahim Al Balooshi, director of Maritime Operations Department at the Dubai Maritime Authority, said that the main objective behind organising this type of awareness campaign is to spread the necessary awareness about the operational efficiency in Dubai waters, maintaining the safety of lives and property, and how to use safety equipment while driving various marine crafts in a way that ensures the promotion of safe navigation, as it is the cornerstone of strengthening the maritime sector in Dubai and attracting more qualitative investments that support the path of economic growth and diversification.

He also added that this campaign reflects the Authority's strategy on providing a safe, renewable and sustainable maritime sector, which achieves the objectives of the maritime sector strategy in the emirate, stressing that it reflects the Authority's relentless endeavours in its pioneering march to develop, organise and enhance maritime operations and achieve the attractiveness of the local maritime sector.

Al Balooshi explained that the Maritime Authority continues its efforts in coordination with the concerned authorities on the educational and awareness role within the maritime community by launching more large-scale campaigns, aimed at establishing safety among boat users and pioneers of the maritime sector in Dubai by taking the necessary measures to ensure safety at sea, and mitigate potential risks, especially during emergencies, to preserve lives and property.

The campaign, which was attended by more than 70 drivers, witnessed various awareness activities, exchanged experiences, knowledge and ideas among the attendees on measures that ensure maritime safety for Abra drivers, and spread awareness about the optimal response to emergencies to raise the level of security and safety culture among those in charge of it.