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Teledyne Gas & Flame launches GS700-Hydrogen detector

The GS700-Hydrogen gas detector. (Image source: Teledyne)


Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is releasing an enhanced version of the Gasurveyor 700 (GS700), known as the GS700-Hydrogen, which can detect hydrogen (H2), as well as natural gas

This integration of natural gas and H2 detection within a single instrument enhances versatility and performance across various gas utility applications. From natural gas to pure hydrogen or hydrogen blends, the all-in-one portable ATEX-certified  GS700-Hydrogen simplifies gas detection across applications such as outdoor and indoor leak detection, purging, barholing and pipeline gas testing, enabling utilities to quickly determine the source of gas leaks.

The development and testing of the lightweight detector was supported UK utility companies SGN and Northern Gas Networks, aligning with their hydrogen transition initiatives.

Features include user-friendly display options that provide comprehensive gas readings at users’ fingertips. The instrument displays LEL, PPM and volume gas readings, with 360° alarms ensuring operator safety. Users can effortlessly view either the total flammable reading or the individual LEL readings (natural gas or hydrogen) at the touch of a button. The user interface is fully configurable, allowing customisation to the specific requirements and preferences of gas utilities.

Additionally, the GS700 incorporates compliance features through intelligent data-logging and optional GPS mapping. These functionalities simplify data collection and empower managers to make informed decisions based on data driven reports.