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Survitec enhances DCP fire extinguishing system

The new fire extinguishing system aims to better protect vessels running on LNG and LPG fuels. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


In response to the growing demand for advanced fire safety solutions to support the maritime industry's transition to cleaner fuels, Global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec has reconfigured and enhanced its Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) fire extinguishing system to better protect vessels running on LNG and LPG fuels

The upgrades have received type approval certification and are now being specified for newbuild and existing vessels.

Rafal Kolodziejski, head of Product Support & Development - Fire Systems, Survitec, said, “This first order represents a crucial step forward in ensuring the safety of ships running on LNG or LPG ships. The Survitec DCP system offers comprehensive bunkering station protection, cost-efficiency, and versatility for a variety of vessel types, whether newbuild or retrofit.

“Dry chemical powder systems have long safeguarded LNG and LPG cargo vessels, but as the industry embraces liquefied gases as a propulsion fuel, the unique requirements for protecting bunkering stations on a wider range of vessels, such as large cruise ships, containerships, and tankers, is becoming increasingly important.”

Newly-enhanced system

The newly enhanced DCP system from Survitec comprises an extinguishant storage container, nitrogen gas cylinder and safety valves. It comes complete with a pressure regulator, piping, and discharge devices, including nozzles.

Designed for both newbuilds and existing ships undergoing dual fuel propulsion solution retrofits, Survitec’s DCP solution meets the mandatory requirement for a constant deployment at a minimum of 3.5kg/second for 45 seconds using just 175kg of powder under discharge pressure of 4-6 bar.

“In many cases, LNG bunkering stations are positioned on both sides of the ship. With the DCP system from Survitec, shipowners can often safeguard both stations with just one DCP unit without compromising performance. This reduces installation and maintenance costs,” said Kolodziejski. “In addition, unified components and modular scalability allow for modifications to be made simply and cost-effectively during the shipbuilding process.”

 All of Survitec’s DCP firefighting systems are fully compatible with the company’s recently launched digital fire safety management solution, SMARR-TI, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage across the vessel.


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