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ABB launches Operator Wellbeing Service (OWS)

OWS helps ensure a healthier workplace for operators as well as improved plant performance and safety. (Image source: ABB)


ABB has launched its Operator Wellbeing Service (OWS), a digital solution that focuses on delivering optimal industrial control room worker environments and conditions, thus helping to ensure a healthier workplace for operators as well as improved plant performance and safety

ABB’s OWS solution is designed to deliver safe, smart, and sustainable operations by enabling plant owners to investigate and measure air quality and noise levels in real time, ensure lighting is ambient and meets current standards, and manage temperatures to help maintain employee focus and alertness. 

ARC Advisory Group estimates that 40% of global process industry losses due to unscheduled downtime are related directly to human error, while a study published by the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics identifies that the working environment is the main human factor in 90% of accident cases in the oil and gas industry.  

Operator wellbeing

Operator wellbeing is the key success factor for productive and reliable operations. Human factors form a fundamental foundation of the control room solution. When operators are happier, more alert, less stressed and much safer, the result is better decision making and less downtime. 

“Adverse working conditions are known to exacerbate fatigue or distraction,” said Ulf Engberg, general manager of Control Room Solutions at ABB Energy Industries. “OWS addresses this, delivering live data to managers enabling them to monitor working conditions and make necessary changes accordingly. Additionally, it ensures that plant owners will always comply with ISO 11064 standards.”