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Webinar on surveillance for oil and gas remote facilities attracts record audience


More than 175 people, including senior representatives of the region's leading oil and gas companies, attended a very topical and engaging live webinar hosted by Oil Review Middle East entitled “Beyond Boundaries: Advanced Surveillance for Oil and Gas Remote Facilities”

More than 650 people were registered and able to view the webinar, which was presented by MVP Tech & Convergint Middle East and Axis Communications.

In the fast-evolving landscape of remote oil and gas facilities, ensuring real-time, robust security is a constant challenge.

At the webinar, Issam Shibany, head of resales and business development at MVP Tech – A Convergint Company, and Andrea Monteleone, Segment Development Manager, Critical Infrastructure – EMEA at Axis Communications shared in-depth insights on the security and safety challenges associated with remote facilities, and how best to address them with the latest surveillance technologies.

The unique and hugely complex security challenges associated with these remote oil and gas facilities were outlined, which areWbin characterised by expansive areas and harsh conditions. These challenges range from physical threats such as vandalism, theft and sabotage to environmental threats such as spills of hazardous materials, and cybersecurity threats. All of which call for advanced surveillance capabilities and technologies.

They unveiled the latest cutting-edge surveillance solutions and technologies for mitigating these challenges and enhancing safety measures, in areas such as threat detection, asset protection and real-time environmental and safety monitoring. Also highlighted was the need for a more proactive approach to address fast-moving situations and, given massive and often dispersed workforces, one which focuses on resilience and health and safety as well as external threats. Predictive analytics for example can be used to anticipate potential health and safety risks before they escalate into incidents, and real-time monitoring can be used to provide real-time data on vital signs and ensure safe behaviours.

Also discussed were the various factors and considerations that need to be taken into account when designing a security solution and integrating into the existing infrastructure, such as robustness and reliability, compatibility and interoperability, real-time monitoring and analysis, as well as remote management and control, now that unmanned operations are becoming a growing trend.

Finally, they discussed the importance of collaboration and effective partnerships between the various stakeholders (systems integrators, consultants and technology providers) to ensure robust, seamlessly integrated, adaptive, flexible and future-proof security solutions which can evolve to accommodate changing threats and ever-advancing technologies.

The webinar stimulated a huge amount of interest and engagement from the record numbers of attendees, who participated in audience polls and came up with a flood of questions to Issam and Andrea in the lively q&a session, which were expertly addressed.

Feedback from participants, who appreciated the speakers' deep knowledge and expertise, was enthusiastic.

"A very informative session", commented on participant, while others variously described the webinar as "wonderful" , "very innovative" and "great".

You can view the webinar here:

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