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The transformative power of generative AI models in healthcare

The 70 billion parameter generative AI model is poised to transform the healthcare industry. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


M42, the global tech-enabled healthcare network, has introduced Med42, an innovative open-access Clinical Large Language Model (LLM) that elevates the standards of ethical artificial intelligence in the healthcare domain

Unveiled in Abu Dhabi, this 70 billion parameter generative AI model is poised to transform the healthcare industry, directly impacting patient care outcomes.

Med42 serves as an AI assistant for healthcare professionals, streamlining intricate medical inquiries and aiding in the development of personalised treatment plans based on a patient's medical history. It expedites decision-making for doctors, assists pharmacists in dosage determinations, and supports scientists in efficiently reviewing medical literature. Notably, it has achieved an impressive 72% score on the United States Medical Licensing Examination Sample Exam questions, surpassing performance benchmarks set by larger closed models.

Crafted by a dedicated team in Abu Dhabi, Med42 underwent rigorous training and fine-tuning with the expertise of professionals from Cerebras and Core42. The model's accuracy was ensured by the Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence.

“It's one of the only open-sourced AI language models to pass the USMLE, which puts us ahead of much larger closed models,” said Dr Shaddab Khan, director of AI and Applied Sciences at G42, the parent company of M42.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, managing director and group CEO of M42, said, “Med42 will accelerate global access to healthcare knowledge and embodies our commitment to making a transformative impact across the healthcare sector. M42 is pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation and charting a path towards more personalised, patient-centric care. The unique combination of M42’s world-class healthcare expertise and cutting-edge medical technologies allows us to impactfully contribute to the future of AI in healthcare – a future where AI is accessible to all while being rooted in ethics and prioritising the safety of users.”

Ashish Koshy, group chief operating officer of M42, said, “Innovation isn't just about leading technologies. It is rooted in delivering impactful and safe solutions for real-world challenges. Med42 is not just a tool; it’s a platform for collaboration. M42 aims to catalyse global innovation in AI for healthcare, empowering experts across the globe to refine and expand the model's applications in various medical domains. Our partnerships with technology leaders, including Cerebras, enable us to bring this vision to life and achieve our long-term transformative objectives.”