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Abu Dhabi Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems safety initiative achieves positive results

The Gas Safety Committee. (Image source: DoE)


The Gas Safety Committee in Abu Dhabi has announced the preliminary results of the inspection campaigns initiated in July, which aim to ensure community safety and prevent potential gas-related incidents that might arise from improper practices

This is part of an initiative to conduct a comprehensive examination of liquefied petroleum gas filling pipelines, safety equipment, and gas systems in buildings, as well as their affiliated residential units.

In collaboration with relevant authorities in the Emirate, the committee organised 11 specialised workshops that involved building owners, inspectors, gas system maintenance and operation companies, and accredited contractors, which resulted in 69 recommendations submitted as corrective measures to the appropriate entities.

The committee also issued nine circulars aimed at various entities with the objective of curbing improper practices and potential risks, which also provided guidelines on trading liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and touched upon the safe handling of gas cylinders at construction sites.

The committee reviewed more than 30 documents, including guidance manuals pertaining to gas systems, previous gas circulars, and a variety of proposed solutions submitted by gas companies. They also encompass cooperation agreements between entities regarding gas systems and contracts that govern the operations of gas companies from various relevant entities.

Along with the inspection campaigns, the committee initiated an intensive awareness drive across various media outlets and social media platforms, to heighten awareness about the significance of properly installing centralised liquefied petroleum gas systems, foster responsible behaviour, and advocate for the reporting of any safety concerns. 

The Gas Safety Committee, which oversees the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems Safety Initiative for the Emirate's buildings, was formed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and comprises the Department of Government Support, the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, the Statistics Centre, the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, the Integrated Transport Centre, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC Distribution).