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AG PCS Switchgear earns five-star safety rating from British Safety Council

The audit assessed AG PCS Switchgear's performance against key benchmarks in health and safety management. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


AG PCS Switchgear, a subsidiary of Al Ghurair Investment, a prominent UAE family conglomerate, has successfully completed a Five-Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit conducted by the British Safety Council

Throughout the audit process, AG PCS Switchgear consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to maintaining exceptional safety standards. This commitment was evident during a comprehensive, quantified, and rigorous evaluation of its occupational health and safety policies, procedures, and practices. The evaluation encompassed a review of documentation, interviews with senior management, employees, and key stakeholders, as well as an assessment of operational activities.

The audit assessed AG PCS Switchgear's performance against key benchmarks in health and safety management and delved into a detailed analysis of nearly 60 individual components. As a result of this thorough evaluation, AG PCS Switchgear is proud to have achieved a five-star rating — a recognition that reflects its embodiment of industry-leading practices in the field of health and safety.

Speaking about the award, Jacob John, CEO of AG PCS Switchgear, said, “We are elated to receive this exceptional rating from British Safety Council marking our commitment to occupational health and safety. For decades, AG PCS Switchgear has recognised that delivering excellence across the utilities and industrial sectors requires a commitment to the workforce that drives it. To that end, we remain committed to supporting our teams’ remarkable performance through ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. Undoubtedly, the ‘pursuit of better’ is deeply embedded in our organisational DNA."

Mike Robinson, CEO of the British Safety Council, said, “The award of a five-star grading following our occupational best practice Health and Safety Audit is an outstanding achievement and is reflective of a proactive organisation which is committed to continual improvement in its health and safety arrangements and managing risks to workers’ health, safety and wellbeing. AG PCS Switchgear should be very proud of this achievement.”