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Reactec launches R-Link smart watch


Reactec, which has more than 20 years of experience in developing connected worker technologies that help prevent workplace health and safety risks, has launched the R-Link smart watch

The R-Link smart watch, is designed to protect workforces from dangerous proximity to moving vehicles and other hazards, reducing one of the dominant causes of workplace accidents and fatalities.

R-Link's proximity warning system delivers real-time alerts to at risk workers and actionable data insight, from its cloud-based analytics software, to prevent future incidents and create a safer work environment.  

The advanced proximity warning system is designed to:  

• Keep pedestrians safe from moving vehicles

• Protect drivers once they leave their vehicle

• Allow drivers to control who can approach their vehicle

• Configure the exclusion zone around hazards and vehicles in the field

• Gather actionable data on near-miss occurrences.