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Advanced Bluetooth hearing protectors unveiled by Savox


Savox has introduced its latest offering with the Savox Noise-COM 500

The Bluetooth hearing protectors have been purposefully engineered for optimal performance in demanding and noisy environments. Their applications are particularly relevant in industries such as construction, mining, and heavy manufacturing, where the use of hearing protectors is crucial, and the ability to communicate effectively is equally significant. Designed with durability in mind, these sturdy hearing protectors provide exceptional ambient sound quality and feature an outstanding noise-cancelling microphone, ensuring clear speech transmission. The Savox Noise-COM 500 series offers robust and reliable solutions for enhanced auditory safety in challenging work settings.

As the hearing protectors can be connected to various Bluetooth two-way radios or mobile phones, users can comfortably listen to audio as well as make and receive phone calls. Additionally, the ambient sound feature allows users to clearly hear surrounding sounds, such as speech or warning signals while blocking high-level, harmful noises out. There is also an easily accessible rotary button for push-to-talk and ambient sound volume adjustment. The added possibility to define ambient sound audio profiles for different occasions enables clear audio for demanding operational situations.

“It is essential to protect the hearing of professionals in heavy industry operations without compromising on safety, nor on the quality and clarity of communications with fellow workers. With the Savox Noise-COM 500, there is no danger of missing out on important surrounding sounds or urgent alarms,” said Jerry Kettunen, CEO at Savox Communications.

“Safety is as much a question of hearing what you need to hear as it is of noise reduction. ‘Hear what you must hear and hear what you want to hear’ summarises what it’s all about. We at Savox firmly believe that this product has huge potential to become the best option available on the industrial market,” he concluded concluded.

Key Features:

• Wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices (Bluetooth 5.0 and profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP)

• Ambient sound with audio profiles (NC-500XP)

• Voice prompted menu

• Built-in rechargeable battery

• Professional two-way radio with push-to-talk compatibility

• Easily accessible rotary button for push-to-talk and ambient sound volume adjustment

• Unique casting technique protects the electronics for maximum reliability

• Noise-cancelling boom microphone

• Low battery warning and automatic switch off.