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Volvo buses to launch driver training course in the Middle East and Africa


Volvo buses has commenced initiative to help bus authorities and operators with a series of driver safety training courses across the Middle East and Africa, with an objective to reduce road accident, improve fuel efficiency and lessen the environmental impact for businesses

Volvo will coordinate with its partners from the transport industry, public transport authorities and private bus operators to conduct the training programme in the region.

Volvo explained that the rising temperature of the Middle East region and the potential physical effects that fasting and hot weather brings, bus drivers need to be careful of the passengers and pedestrians on the streets. Bus drivers also need to check the key features of the bus before starting a journey to ensure safety and comfort of the passengers.

The driver training course is aimed to provide knowledge about the importance of good behaviour, hands-on knowledge on the elements of the bus, safety measures to be taken on road and on improved driving skills.

In addition, Volvo said that the course will focus on the daily checks of the product, preventive maintenance and fuel efficient driving operations, with an aim to run and operate Volvo products with zero accident on road.

“The human factor plays a decisive role in nine out of ten road accidents. It is therefore paramount that drivers know the risks on the roads. We, at Volvo Buses, intend to partner with key stakeholders and focus on our drivers to improve their driving and behavioural skills, and help them make the right decisions, with the right attitude, to prevent accidents from occurring,” said Steve Hedouin, vice president of Volvo Bus Corporation for Middle East, Africa and CIS (MEAC).

He further commented, “Our driver safety courses can also impact businesses financially as skilled drivers improve fuel efficiency and vehicle uptime.”

The company added that after its recent driver training course in Tunisia, fuel efficiency was increased by 8 per cent, which reduced the operational cost and contributed to improve the local air quality by lowering carbon dioxide emission.

Volvo Buses is currently working with operators and authorities across Egypt, the UAE, Tunisia and Morocco, to launch a series of refresher driver training programs in local languages for drivers in the region.