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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced a major upgrade to its Exaquantum Safety Function Monitoring (SFM) software, an OpreX asset operations and optimisation solution that helps identify whether actual operating performance meets safety design targets

Facilities are among companies most important business assets, so are you still making the most of them? Are they maximised to support your needs and goals? Brady offers all of the solutions, and the know-how, to label your facilities into shape - with some extras, all from a single source

Quality solutions, expert guidance

Brady offers a wide range of reliable identification solutions to increase the efficiency and safety of any industrial facility. Along with these solutions, we bring worldwide facility identification insights, best practices, standards and regulatory compliance to your doorstep, so you can apply the best identification solutions in the best way, with a single supplier.

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Optimise safety

Use reliable floor marking, pipe markers, safety signs, tags, spill control and Lockout/Tagout to visually and effectively optimise safety in the workplace. Guide, inform, caution and protect coworkers, counter risks and avoid accidents to send people back home safely, all while considerably contributing to facility efficiency and effectiveness.

Maximise efficiency

Fully support professionals on the workfloor with clear instructions printed on your signs and labels. Enable them to easily find the tools they require, and know these are in working condition. You could even include passive RFID antennas in any label to fully optimise tool tracking, inventory audits and item picking.

Print at your premises

No need to wait on deliveries or to store large amounts of printed solutions, when a set of blank label rolls and a versatile safety printer have got you covered. Our accompanying Brady Workstation software keeps your solution future-proof with regular updates to stay safe, efficient, and compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

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Brady Middle East

Taqeef, the originator of desert cooling systems in the UAE and the Middle East, has launched the region’s first range of invertor ducted split to further its commitment to supporting environment-friendly products

The new range by O General is the first complete line of invertor ducted split models, ranging from 1.5 tonnes to five tonnes, in the Middle East with zero Ozone Depleting Score (ODS) and the new environment friendly R32 refrigerant, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. 

Specifically created for the Middle East region, the O General invertor range is a leader in cooling capacity, power consumption and low-noise capability. The range conforms to new technical regulations and guidelines issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) and Abu Dhabi Quality Control and Conformity Council (QCC) for high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) values. 

Hadi Ismail, chief sales officer at Taqeef said, “In a region where cooling is synonymous with quality of life, ensuring that the products we bring to the market are energy efficient has been, and always will be, our main priority. The new O General invertor range has been designed with the harsh climate and real-life operating conditions in the Middle East in mind. It achieves faster and more efficient cooling when compared to conventional air-conditioners, consumes less energy, and offer remarkable energy savings when compared to fixed speed compressor models.”

The DC invertor technology contains a DC fan motor with invertor control system that helps achieve high operation efficiency using a sine wave, and a DC twin rotary compressor. The implementation of the DC twin rotary compressor allows for wider operation range, improved piping limitations and the introduction of new simultaneous multioperation ability. 

Taqeef will introduce the new range to industry professionals at an event on 6 October in Dubai. The event will showcase the indoor and outdoor units of the new range. The indoor unit can deliver fast-cooling, high airflow, and superior speed control mechanisms to ensure the ultimate comfortable environment. The outdoor unit is equipped with the tropical region specifications that withstands up to 55-degree harsh desert environments by using casing coating and blue fin heat exchanger coating. 


The system is designed for Vision Zero crude oil ship-to-ship operations, to mitigate risks to crew at mooring stations and hose manifolds from uncontrolled breakaways.

VIKING has launched self-contained life-saving equipment to provide a range of safety solutions to cover the risks facing wind turbine service technicians

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