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OQ Polymer Lab receives ISO 17025 certification


OQ, the multifaceted Oman-based enterprise, has achieved ISO 17025 certification across seven parameters covering its Polymer Lab

Focusing on testing and calibration laboratories, ISO 17025 enables organisations to demonstrate and certify that they can competently operate testing systems and generate valid results, thereby promoting confidence in their products both nationally and globally.

Furthermore, the certification enables cooperation between laboratories and other entities by generating alignment and more efficient acceptance of results around the world.

For OQ, this certification represents an important milestone. As the company continues to grow, being certified to these globally recognised standards will help to unlock commercial opportunities in the future.

Specifically, OQ achieved accreditation across seven main parameters, covering key processes measuring properties relating to PP and PE, such as polymer oxidisation, film quality, and identification of contaminants. The seven parameters are:

      ASTM D1238: Melt flow rate 

      ASTM D1895: Density measurement

      ASTM D5492: PP crystallinity determination

      ASTM D6247: XRF analysis for additive concentration

      ASTM D6290: Yellowness index evaluation

      Novolen N07: Evaluation of PP film purity

      Univation PEG 504: Evaluation of PE resin purity

Gilles Rochas, managing director of OQ Polymer Marketing, said, “This reassures customers of the reliability of OQ’s quality control. ISO 17025 was developed by laboratory experts from all over the world together with key industry bodies such as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation. By adhering to these globally recognised standards, our customers can be confident in our existing product quality as well as the research that underpins our product development.”

This latest certification breakthrough marks another chapter in OQ’s ongoing growth story. Since 2020, the company has grown its client base tenfold from 300 to 3,000 while the volume of products shipped had jumped from 900 containers per month to 4,000 – all during a well-documented shipping crisis.

Today, OQ operates out of 17 countires and services more than 80 countires with its range of polymer products, which include PP and PE variations.