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ZALUX launches STRONGEx G2 luminaire at ADIPEC 2022


ZALUX, a world leader in industrial lighting solutions, sees good business prospects in the Middle East and launched its new addition to its innovative STRONGEx range of luminaires at this year’s ADIPEC exhibition

Ryan Julaton at ZALUX, said, “We had a very successful show at ADIPEC, launching our brand new STRONGEx luminaires. As with our previous products, this range continues our focus on sustainability in hazardous area lighting applications. Our luminaires used in the harshest environments and are therefore designed to require very little maintenance. For the past 40 years, we have been setting the benchmark for sustainability in our products and this new range continues this trend.”

The STRONGEx G2 offers exceptional resistance to harsh environmental conditions, is available with options for Ex Zone 1 or Zone 2 installation and is an ideal solution for applications across the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, and energy sectors.

In line with other products within the range, the STRONGEx G2 is designed to promote sustainability with low energy consumption, extended lifecycle, low maintenance overheads, and a recyclable PMMA profile. The G2 model is openable to enable easy access for maintenance and change of the emergency battery, for an increased flexibility for installation. Even though the luminaire offers an exceptional 100,000-hour lifetime, the ability to replace internal components contributes to promote a circular economy. The unit’s superb energy efficiency and lifetime can be further enhanced thanks to the availability of DALI dimmable versions and optional emergency kit. A wireless control version is also available for the Ex Zone 2 model.

A high-quality plastic housing protects the luminaire from extreme weather conditions, including corrosive salty environments, and provides high resistance to chemicals. The unit has no external aluminium parts, further promoting its resistance to corrosion, and can work in temperatures from - 36°C to +55°C. Its profile helps improve heat dissipation within the luminaire and ensure excellent performance throughout its lifetime.

Designed for flexible application and installation, the STRONGEx G2 is available in lengths from 300 to 1,500mm with high-efficiency luminous flux from 2,000 to 8,500. The design enables better illumination from greater heights with fewer light points. Optics can also be fitted to adapt to the specific needs of each space. The luminaire offers four cable entries, two on each side of the unit, to enable through wiring on the same or opposite sides of the fitting.

The Ex Zone 1 option incorporates an ATEX certified driver and module with gland and connector. The ATEX connector can accommodate up to eight wired of up to 4mm2 for the connection of three lines, DALI, emergency signal, etc. Mounting accessories use 301 stainless steel and, for areas exposed to chemicals, fixing clips and locking screws can also be provided in 316 stainless steel to increase resistance to corrosion. A variety of mounting options, including pole mounting, are available to ensure versatility and ease of installation.

The STRONGEx range offers plant operators ultimate performance in terms of efficiency, longevity, reliability, and flexibility, with models offering significant savings and quick return on investment compared with traditional lighting solutions, according to the company. To assure the highest levels of quality, ZALUX manufactures the luminaires at its QAR/QAN (Zone 1 manufacturing) certified factory in Europe, with certification of products by an external accredited ATEX/IECEx laboratory.

Speaking to Health, Safety & Security Review Middle East at ADIPEC, Julaton said that Zalux has a strong focus on EPC projects, and recently closed a significant contract for safe area hazardous lighting with Petrofac for a petrochemical project in Lithuania. In the Middle East, Zalux has in the past year registered as a prequalified manufacturer with ADNOC and QatarEnergy, and sees particularly encouraging prospects for business in Qatar with the North Field South and North Field East developments. “We are pursuing good opportunities here in the Middle East,” said Julaton, adding that the company is also extending its presence in Asia.

In view of the volume of EPC business, Zalux is now adopting more of a project management approach and promoting itself as a complete lighting solution provider rather than a simple supplier of lighting fixtures. “We can provide the whole package, not just lighting fixtures, but other accessories as well,” explained Julaton.

“That’s the demand we’re receiving from the EPCs, and we’re able to cater to their requirements.”