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VIKING Life-Saving Equipment launches new range of space-saving lifeboats

The new range has been launched in response to the demand for compact and lightweight lifeboats. (Image source: VIKING)


VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, a global provider of maritime safety solutions, is launching a new range of lifeboats and davits which meet the requirement for compact and lightweight lifeboat-based evacuation solutions

VIKING has launched its ‘VNJY’ range of lifeboats in response to the demand from major shipbuilding clients for alternative concepts for vessel types - especially for Offshore Service Operation vessels (SOV) - where onboard space is at a premium and space for the lifeboat and davit installation must be optimised. The VNJY features a minimal deck footprint, while optimising capacity and serviceability. In addition, the VNJY features a shorter and wider hull than usual and incorporates an innovative forward steering position that allows for additional space on board.

Using significantly less materials in manufacturing, the new VNJY lifeboats also deliver lower height and weight (up to 400 kg lighter) and are designed to achieve a reduced carbon footprint compared to previous models. The lower weight also reduces loads and the required capacities for the gravity- or hydraulic-powered davits used to launch and recover lifeboats.

Manufactured in a modular design, certified by DNV to meet SOLAS and LSA requirements, the VNJY can be easily adapted to new sizes and requires reduced maintenance efforts. Serviceability has been further enhanced by the smart placement of engines and the hydrostatic release for on-load release hooks. For boats installed where hydrocarbons are present and fire protection is necessary, the new range will come complete with a compressed air system and external seawater deluge.

“VIKING Norsafe lifeboats are built to last, which is one reason we have taken so much care over what is truly a step change for lifeboat design after over 20 years of continuous orders for our popular JYN range,” said Thomas Thompson, VIKING technical director, Boats & Davits. “Some customers will continue to prefer designs that have served them so well, but VNJY lifeboats offer the space-saving, lightweight solution others have been hoping for. Operators will also appreciate the way the steering position improves visibility, and the stability gains brought by extra width.”