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Mubadala Health to bring two NHS brands under one roof in Abu Dhabi


Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi will deliver UAE-based ophthalmology services for diabetes and endocrinology patients in the region

Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, part of the Mubadala Health network, has entered a partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi to deliver the services.

The move brings two renowned brands of the United Kingdom's National Health Services together under one roof, offering patients access to opthalmic services delivered by Moorfields physicians at the ICLDC Khaleej Al Arabi brand in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Nicholas Richards, executive director at ICLDC, said: “ICLDC was built on the foundation of our long-standing partnership with the NHS, as our leadership recognised from the beginning the importance that international partnerships play in the success of advancing medical expertise within the UAE. 

"Today, we are proud to join hands with another Mubadala Health partner, as it is through sharing synergies, knowledge, and skills around diabetes that we are able to offer a multidisciplinary holistic approach to our patients.”

Eye disease is one of the most common conditions dealt with by diabetic patients, with diabetic retinopathy a common impact on the lives of patients, leading to vision loss and blindness if untreated.

The partnership will guarantee a range of opthalmology treatments and surgical interventions, including those for retinal or corneal conditions, strabismus, laser and refractive procedures, glaucoma, catarct, genetic eye diseases, oculoplastics, visual electrophysiology, and support for artificial eye needs. 

Dr. Esmaeil Mohammad Arbabi, medical lead and consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi, commented: “We are proud to be part of the Mubadala Health network, as it opens the door to additional partnerships that will enable us to deliver more holistic care to a wider community of patients. We look forward to delivering these patient-centric solutions in collaboration with ICLDC, and helping educate patients with diabetes on how to maintain healthy vision.”

The services have begun operations in the Abu Dhabi branch, available by appointment within the centre's usual working hours.