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Digital and AI innovations on show at the Safety & Health Expo


A large number of companies have taken the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation at the Safety & Health Expo at Londons ExCel Centre from 16-18 May

Cognitica AI, a provider of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) based industrial safety products and solutions, launched their M, X and S Series products at the Safety & Health Expo in London

Their AI-driven industrial safety solutions took focus at the expo, placing an emphasis on employee safety through the use of intelligent detection software. 

1. Falco F1 AI: This product introduces a breakthrough in Vision AI technology by creating a 360-degree safety zone around mobile equipment like forklifts. It employs advanced AI algorithms to detect and alert operators about potential dangers, enhancing safety in industrial settings. Cameras are placed on the forklift which then then detect and highlight potential hazards such as other humans or objects to warn the operator. 

2. Falco P1 AI: With a focus on large, stationary machinery, Falco P1 AI provides constant AI vigilance in three dimensions. It emulates human eyesight, offering an always-on surveillance system that helps identify potential hazards and ensures the safety of the equipment and surrounding environment.

3. Falco X1 AI: Designed specifically for hazardous environments, such as robotic assembly lines, Falco X1 AI offers a flexible and adaptable Vision AI solution. It leverages AI capabilities to enhance safety, optimise productivity, and improve operational efficiency in challenging industrial settings.

4. Infy X1 AI: Infy X1 AI is a compact and versatile AI module suitable for a wide range of industrial use-cases. It can be applied in areas such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) detection, component inspection, quality control, and more. The module harnesses AI technology to provide accurate and efficient analysis, contributing to improved industrial processes.

Speaking on the versatility of the product, Jukka Ahvonen, senior vice president of sales, Cognitica AI, Europe, commented, “One customer asked if we could detect a starting fire, so we developed for them something that can detect small flames within 20-30 m and then cause a fire alarm. It analyses the flame’s behaviour and movement, without the need of thermal.”

Asked if the company has plans for expansion into the Middle East, Ahvonen emphasised, “Definitely, where there is clientele or market potential, we are definitely interested.”

The company is currently India-based and is focusing on building its European organisation.

Also taking the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations, Safe365, a provider of digital health and safety solutions, exhibited their cutting-edge platform at the expo.

The company's vision is to revolutionise health and safety practices worldwide by offering businesses a comprehensive suite of tools to assess, manage, and enhance their health and safety performance.

Safe365's primary objective is to provide innovative and empowering software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for work health, safety, and well-being globally. At the core of Safe365's offerings is the Safe365 Safety Index, a self-assessment tool that allows businesses to evaluate their health and safety maturity status and identify areas for improvement. Through comprehensive reporting and benchmarking capabilities, the platform provides visibility to boards, management, and employees, enabling them to monitor and enhance health and safety performance effectively.

The platform facilitates businesses in mapping an improvement path by identifying the most impactful areas for development and creating actionable plans. With features such as risk reporting, management, and staff engagement, Safe365's smartphone app empowers organisations to actively implement and promote health and safety practices throughout their workforce.

Safe365's Performance Dashboard offers a centralised view of health and safety risks and reports, enabling efficient monitoring and better follow-through on safety initiatives. Additionally, the platform provides access to a knowledge suite and expert support through Safe365 University, offering comprehensive health and safety guidance and tools.

The company is currently working closely with Amazon and Heathrow airport in delivering their technology to transform the industry, with plans to deliver their services to Middle Eastern airports on the horizon. Heathrow airport is using its solution to measure the safety performance of its contractors, and other airports and major companies are looking to follow its lead in benchmarking safety culture across their supply chains.

Other companies showcasing digital health and safety solutions at the show included Peoplesafe, which demonstrated its personal safety app; Evotix, which showcased its EHS management software Assure which captures events in real time, enabling companies to act quickly to improve safety processes; and Visibly, whose behavioural detection software platform generates real-time insights into the safety performance of employees.