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DGHR discusses workforce enhancement initiatives

DGHR team highlighted several projects aligned with the department's agenda to upgrade human resources in Dubai. (Image source: Canva)


The Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) recently held a meeting with human resources managers and executive directors from various government entities in the emirate.

Chaired by H.E. Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of DGHR, the meeting took place at Al Ittihad Museum to introduce attendees to the department's major ongoing and proposed projects aimed at improving workforce efficiency and integrating best practices into the government’s work system.

During the meeting, the DGHR team highlighted several projects aligned with the department's agenda to upgrade human resources in Dubai and establish methodologies to empower the government workforce. One key project discussed was the initiative for Measuring Workforce Productivity in the Government of Dubai, which offers precise data and indicators on workforce productivity across government entities. This framework aims to evaluate performance and improve government sector efficiency, supporting the objectives of ‘We the UAE 2031’ and sustainable development goals.

Another focal point was the ‘Dubai Government Jobs Engineering’ project, designed to enhance human resource practices, including compensation and wages, learning and career development, and workforce planning. This project addresses current and future workforce needs of government entities. The meeting also covered the ‘Empowering Human Resources Departments in Government Entities’ project, which provides departments with resources to stay updated on workplace changes and improve HR professionals' skills through specialised training and best practice applications.

Future skills

The ‘General Framework for Government Human Resources Training - Future Skills Dubai’ project was discussed for its role in creating a competitive workforce equipped with skills for future changes, supporting digital transformation, and bolstering the UAE’s national economy. This project will connect training, advisory, and academic entities through a smart platform to facilitate knowledge exchange and improve training effectiveness.

The meeting also reviewed the ‘Human Resources Law, Policies, and Regulations’ project, which aims to develop a unified framework for integrated government human resource management. This project focuses on creating flexible policies based on modern best practices. Additionally, the ‘Financial Allocations Decision Review’ project was discussed to evaluate the competitiveness of compensation and allowances to attract and retain top talent.

H.E. Iman Bin Khatam, Director of Policy and Programme Support at DGHR, said, “At DGHR, we recognise the significance of cooperation, coordination, and collaborative efforts between the department and various stakeholders of Dubai government and this meeting comes in line with this belief. The key goal of the meeting is to enhance human resource capabilities in the emirate and swiftly attain the desired outcomes, further shaping a better future for this sector. We seek to adopt innovative approaches and integrate global best practices in our efforts to enhance the Emirati workforce as well as to support them to seamlessly adapt to rapid changes and meet future requirements. These ambitious projects aid us to establish a cohesive and supportive work environment that improves employee productivity, contributes attaining Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33’ goals, and reinforces Dubai’s prominent position in the global economy.”