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AXIS Communications debuts new technology and delves into cybersecurity at Intersec 2023


The security solution provider debuted the new AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera (a worlds first) at Intersec 2023, with Ettiene Van Der Watt, the providers regional director for the Middle East & Africa, speaking to Health, Safety and Security Review Middle East

Axis Communications took to Dubai's Intersec this month to spotlight its new product range.

The first, the AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera, marks the world's first explosion-protected camera designed for Zone/Divison 2 hazardous areas.

Talking to Health, Safety and Security Review Middle East, Van Der Watt explained, "We're talking about a fusion of two technologies: a normal bullet camera with a RADAR-enabled camera. What are the benefits? You've got one device where you can get a visual verification, speed monitoring, average speed calculations, and tracking within a scene. In the past you needed two different devices for the same application.

"As we move forward in 2023 and beyond, we'll see more technologies being married together, fused together."

The explosion-protected camera is designed for Zone 2, 22 and Class I/II/III Division 2 according to international standards, and uses the 'Ex e' protection method, ensuring no arcs or sparks can appear and that excessive temperatures cannot be reached during normal operation – eliminating the risk of igniting gas or dust in surrounding environments. The camera delivers video quality in 4K resolution at up to 60 fps. 

"The first, and most obvious, benefit of this is total cost of ownership. In the past, you had to have a license for radar and a license for facial recognition. Now, we're talking about one license, so there's a big TCO cost saving."

"It's a big challenge for us, carrying the same certifications on the devices that will not cause a spark, let alone an explosion. It's the only device of its kind in the CCTV industry today."

On the growing emphasis on cybersecurity, Der Watt elaborated on the importance of continuing due diligence on perimeter security solutions.

"If you look over the past decades, we previously talked about analogue, as we started to migrate from analogue to IP, we had a migration to cybersecurity, towards understanding the value of it. And now we're talking a lot about IoT, and operators have to talk about cybersecurity from the very start of the design phase

"We work on what we call the 'Cybersecurity Modeling Guide', which can train our installers and many of our end users. It explains that when you deploy our devices in the field, these are the certain elements you have to adhere to, the considerations of cybersecurity you should make in advance."