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A strong market for safety showers


Aqua Safety Showers discusses prospects for its business in the Middle East with Health, Safety & Security Review Middle East (HSSRME)

HSSRME: How do you view the market currently for your safety showers? In what countries/sectors do you see the best opportunities?

We found the market slow to start off with in the Middle East, as it is such a large area with many opportunities. Our products are now approved by ADNOC as well as KOC and Aramco. With these approvals we are slowly starting to make our mark in the Middle East. Regarding where the best opportunities are, there are so many, it is just knowing where to look and who to speak to. Our business opportunities are continuing to expand!

HSSRME: How significant is the Middle East market for your company, and are there any particular projects or contracts you would like to mention?

The Middle East market is a significant sector for our business as there is a vast range of opportunities available. With new and current projects expanding it opens a gap for ourselves to offer our highly competitive products. We are able to offer a solution for any enquiry and we are able to meet project specifications and requirements.

HSSRME:  Are there any new product developments or innovations in safety showers you would like to highlight, or any trends that are affecting your business?

We would strongly recommend water chillers to be connected to our self-contained tank showers as this will ensure the water is maintained to a nominal 20 degrees Celsius day or night. This reduces the risk of legionella. This bacteria can multiply in water temperatures over 25 degrees.

HSSRME: What do you think is the secret of your company’s success? What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are a family owned business and take pride in our products. We build excellent relationships with all of our customers and clients. All of our products are manufactured from stainless steel and GRP – this sets us apart from our competitors. Our models are built to last the full expectancy of 20-25 years.