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Virtual medicine helps save construction worker in Saudi Arabia

Falls from height are a leading cause of worker fatalities and injuries globally. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


Doctors at the ER dept in Qilwah General Hospital in southern Saudi Arabia, with the assistance of specialists through telehealth, have saved a construction worker who fell from the fourth floor of a building

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health reported that the rapid response team at Qilwah General Hospital examined the case on 12 September which showed circulatory shock, abdominal internal bleeding, and 11 broken ribs.

The team immediately asked for virtual consultations from specialists through telehealth. A treatment plan was suggested and eight blood units and IV fluids were provided.

Further inspections showed a ruptured spleen and severe abdominal bleeding which forced doctors to remove the spleen to stop the bleeding.

Afterward, the patient was moved to the ICU to receive further treatments until discharged. 

Falls from height are the leading cause of accidents and injury in the workplace globally. In the UK, for example, falls from height account for around a quarter of total worker fatalities every year and around 8% of non-fatal injuries.