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The three main sources of unexpected events

Source: SafeStart


Larry Wilson, author and CEO, SafeStart, says there are only three sources of unexpected events

In my last article, I questioned whether serious injuries were primarily caused by hazards or if it was hazardous energy that was the problem. You can read the article here.

My next question is “who.” Whose error caused the incident? Is it usually someone else or is it mostly us? And how often is there no human involvement at all and the incident happens because of mechanical or electrical failure?

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One thing we do know is that no one is ever trying to get hurt. That means that something unexpected must happen. And once something unexpected happens, it is like the first “domino” falling.

Ultimately, there are only three sources of unexpected events: You do something unexpectedly; the other person does something unexpectedly or the equipment does something unexpectedly.

Which of these three sources do you think is the most frequent cause of the unexpected? In the second article of the Paradigm Shifts series, I’ll reveal the answers.

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