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Oman's Ministry of Labour issues urgent weather safety alert for businesses in sultanate


The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has issued an urgent alert to business owners in response to the severe weather conditions affecting the sultanate

The ministry has outlined crucial safety measures to safeguard the well-being of employees and ensure the security of business operations.

Businesses are urged to stay updated with official weather forecasts and communicate this information to their staff promptly. Prioritising the securing of outdoor equipment and ensuring the stability of lifting devices, such as cranes, is highlighted as essential.

Companies are advised to instruct employees to remain indoors, particularly avoiding flood-prone areas. Postponing non-essential travel and suspending excavation and outdoor work are also recommended until conditions improve.

Enhanced storage and safety protocols for chemicals and hazardous materials are necessary to prevent potential environmental or health risks.

Businesses are cautioned against work involving elevated platforms and are encouraged to educate employees on avoiding risky behaviours, especially when crossing wadis.

The ministry stresses the importance of sharing emergency contact numbers with all employees to facilitate swift communication in case of an emergency. These measures are crucial for maintaining safety and minimising risks associated with severe weather.