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Oman rehashes building codes

The workshop took place in May this year. (Image source: ICC)


After signing an agreement in February 2024 to enhance building safety and construction standards in Oman, the International Code Council (ICC) and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MoHUP) initiated a workshop series in Muscat in May 2024.

This project, focusing on safety standards, sustainability, and technology integration, aims to be completed by early 2026. The three-day workshop series is designed to develop six comprehensive building codes specifically tailored for Oman.

Oman's adoption of these new codes, based on the 2021 International Codes (I-Codes), will elevate national standards and promote best practices, ensuring citizen safety and positioning Oman as a leader in construction safety and sustainability.

The initial workshops brought together key stakeholders, including government officials, design professionals, and industry experts. Over the three days, discussions covered the project scope, findings from the ICC’s exploratory trip, research, local construction practices, and regulatory systems.

These sessions fostered in-depth conversations, identified key gaps, and concluded with strategic recommendations for enhancing Oman’s building codes. This collaborative effort ensures that the new codes will be comprehensive and aligned with Oman’s future aspirations.

The foundation of the ICC's 2021 International Codes (I-Codes) allows for a consensus-driven approach to code development.

The success of their adaptation in Oman depends on active involvement from local stakeholders. Through these extensive workshops, Oman is customising the I-Codes to suit its specific needs, ensuring broad support and effective implementation.