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Jotun Paints UAE hosts HSE day at the Ghaf forest


Jotun Paints UAE, the market leader in the decorative, protective, and marine paints market in the MEIA region, has undertaken sustainability goals as part of the group’s efforts to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UAE’s 2030 sustainability targets

As part of this initiative, employees of Jotun Dubai recently celebrated a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) day connecting with nature, while learning about sustainability in a fun and unique manner.

The Jotun UAE team spent an entire day connecting with Mother Earth at the Ghaf forest located in Dubai’s Mushrif Park, learning about sustainability, Jotun’s goals and how they can contribute towards it, in collaboration with Aventura Parks and Goumbook.

The Aventura Parks is Dubai’s largest zip line adventure park, spanning 35,000 square metres of Ghaf tree forest. The Jotun team were able to understand the natural ecosystem of the deserts of the UAE while learning the importance of sustainable methods and processes.

Members of the Goumbook, a Dubai-based boutique sustainability agency that empowers companies to define and achieve their SDGs through education, capacity building, and consulting, were also present at the venue to explain sustainable living in the UAE and how Jotun’s employees can contribute towards that.

Kjetil Urheim, general manager, Jotun Paints UAE, was also part of this experience and commented, “As market leaders, we take on this responsibility and aim to lead by example. We have recently launched the Eshara initiative that will allow us to replace the use of approximately 78,000 5-gallon plastic dispensers with a water system that converts moisture in the air into clean drinking water. With such initiatives, we aim to make sustainability a part of our company’s ethics. We will continue to work towards these goals while constantly empowering our employees on how they can contribute towards them in their own ways.”

In addition to the latest water initiative, sustainable alternatives in Jotun’s packaging will aim to reduce plastic consumption by 11.2 tonnes annually, while digitisation of processes through digital applications will drastically reduce the use of paper within the premises. 

Jotun’s own sustainability goals include a 50% reduction in carbon footprint and 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and a focus on reducing their impact on the entire value chain, including a reduction in waste, water, and external transport. This is also in tandem with UAE’s sustainability goals of 2030 of renewable and clean energy, as well as water and energy savings.