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ICC collaborates with Dubai Municipality to increase safety standards in construction

The workshop focused on safety in construction as well. (Image source: ICC)


The International Code Council’s (ICC) leadership team visited its strategic partners in Dubai to reinforce its commitment to advancing efforts in the construction landscape

By prioritising safety, the workshop exemplified Dubai's dedication to leading technological advancements in the construction industry.

During the two-day trip, ICC’s executive vice president of Strategies and Business Development, Shahin Moinian, and senior vice president of Global Operations and Solutions, Judy Zakreski, were accompanied by Mohamed Amer, the regional director of Operations for MENA.

The trio conducted talks with Dubai Municipality (DM), attended the third MENA Building Science Advisory Council (BSAC) meeting, and joined a DM-hosted technical workshop on driving innovation and sustainability in construction, as well as meeting other stakeholders.

In May 2023, the Dubai Municipality and ICC signed an MoU to promote innovative construction practices in the MENA region.

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) led discussions on Evaluation Service Reports (ESRs) and explored proactive initiatives in building construction as well as product approval for installation.

Topics included the development and enforcement of building codes and acceptance criteria, as well as discussions on customised evaluation to tailor product evaluations to specific needs. Additionally, sustainable, and innovative building practices such as offsite construction solutions were examined, alongside efforts to establish a regulatory infrastructure for offsite construction activities.

Regulatory assurance

Additionally, a key focus of the meeting was to address the concerns of DM's technical team regarding the increasing demand for innovative building systems and the importance of facilitating market access and endorsement while ensuring safety. The meeting concluded with discussions on utilising digital tools, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), to better align with onsite-compliance requirements.

ICC-ES underscored the importance of establishing robust compliance pathways for innovative building systems, ensuring regulatory assurance for authorities, and facilitating market entry for manufacturers and suppliers. The sessions delved into trending topics such as semi-precast sustainable solutions, the rising demand for 3D concrete printing, offsite construction techniques, and the development of advanced regulatory frameworks to accommodate this evolving landscape.

Mohamed Amer said, “The global reach of our building safety mission is always evident, highlighting the significance of adapting and customising our family of solutions to meet the demands and challenges in the MENA region. The exchange of information and insightful dialogues during this trip generated valuable insights for everyone as we continue to advocate for more innovation and sustainability in this ever-evolving sector. The ICC remains committed to providing the right tools and services that further advance local solutions for enhanced user experience and market acceptance.”

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