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Healthcare-grade mobile computers to enhance patient care

The mobile devices are designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare workers with features to improve operational efficiency. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


Zebra Technologies Corporation, a leading digital solution provider enabling businesses to intelligently connect data, assets, and people, unveiled its Android-based HC20 and HC50, a new series of rugged handheld mobile computers for healthcare professionals

They are designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare workers with features to improve operational efficiency for clinical and non-clinical staff. The HC20 and HC50 are both lighter and significantly thinner than previous Zebra offerings and expand Zebra’s extensive portfolio of healthcare solutions with purpose-built features to elevate the quality of care and the patient experience.

“Ensuring the right patient receives the right care, at the right time, is critical. By providing patient health information in real time to clinicians directly at the point of care, the quality of patient care is elevated,” said Chris Sullivan, global healthcare strategy and practice lead, Zebra Technologies. “Our latest HC20 and HC50 handheld mobile computers equip healthcare providers with innovative technology solutions to improve workflow efficiency at the point-of-care to meet clinicians’ complex and evolving needs.”

The HC20 and HC50 feature a large six-inch high-definition (FHD+) edge-to-edge display and improved connectivity with Wi-Fi 6/6E support. They have advanced audio communications capabilities, including HD voice, voice over IP (VoIP), push-to-talk and private branch exchange (PBX) calling, part of Zebra’s Workcloud Communications suite.

The devices also include another key feature of Zebra’s Workcloud Communications suite called Profile Manager, which enhances patient-centric care by providing secure authentication, automation of tasks, and the ability to identify and manage user roles. This promotes a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem in which data and services are readily available.

With Zebra’s new HC20, healthcare practitioners are gaining an optimal, purpose-built yet affordable solution to keep their healthcare staff connected and properly equipped. Both devices convert into a full workstation with Zebra’s Workstation Connect and a Connect Cradle, enabling healthcare workers to use a desktop size screen, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals on the move.

Zebra’s new HC50 extends HC20 capabilities with battery hot-swap capability as well as a front-facing camera and a larger memory footprint. They also include a patient-friendly scanner, device tracking and field-replaceable batteries. In addition, both devices are outfitted with a dedicated emergency alert button and a healthcare-grade outer shell that withstands more than 30 disinfectant cleansers used by hospitals, a unique feature that is critical for clinical and non-clinical staff.

The HC20 and HC50 include Zebra Mobility DNA software tools to improve communications as well as optimise workflows and usability for caregivers. Both devices come with Zebra Mobility Total Benefits of Ownership, providing a longer lifecycle, increased security and IT management, and lower cost of ownership.