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Ensure worker safety offshore with Brady

Operators have never needed to take safety and efficiency more seriously. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


Brady Corporation, an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, is offering its full suite of solutions to ensure offshore operators can guarantee worker safety

Safe and efficient solutions are undoubtedly imperative for capital-intensive offshore projects; minimising LTIs, streamlining training and onboarding, and enhancing productivity can help reduce costs, improve platform lifespan, and optimise output.

Add to this a shifting landscape in operational approaches to HSE, and the moral imperative to protect workers, reputation, and legal standing. It couldn't be more obvious that operators have never needed to take safety and efficiency more seriously.

Brady's suite of platform safety, efficiency and identification solutions span three pillars of a safe approach:

Compliance: with a variety of IMO, ISO, IMDG and GHS regulations and certifications to adhere to, Brady's safety solutions guarantee operators can integrate signs, markers, tags and labels that not only suit each platform's HSE approach but also pass rigorous testing and certification processes.

Streamlining: when combined with Brady's SafeTrack and Workstation software, harness tags, labels, and signs can be batch-printed, serialised, barcoded and monitored through an all-encompassing platform.

Future-proofing: with labels designed specifically for platform use, updates can be printed on-location, used for spill control across the lifecycle, and can embed safety features in training and onboarding throughout the platform lifespan. 

Free on-premises demos are available, with the full suite of labels, tags, and signs available now to explore. The Brady team are on-hand for bespoke enquiries including platform integration and ensure professionals can guarantee worker safety and complete machine interventions within the most modern and rigorous of safety frameworks. 

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