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Dubai organisations come together to address safety issues after rains


After severe weather struck Dubai recently, DAMAC Properties, a prominent real estate developer, extended gratitude to its communities, staff, and government authorities for their swift response in addressing the situation and preventing significant incidents or damages to life and property

The impact of the weather crisis was effectively managed within the initial hours, thanks to the coordinated efforts of on-ground personnel, contractors, and subcontractors. Their prompt and decisive response to alerts from the meteorological center played a crucial role in managing the issue effectively.

Working closely with local authorities, dedicated ground staff worked tirelessly to restore normalcy in the communities mere hours after the storm's impact, minimizing disruptions for residents. Their proactive approach helped them navigate the crisis with resilience, significantly reducing damage to both individuals and properties.

In the aftermath of the storm, DAMAC announced that no serious structural damages were recorded. Proactive measures, including regular maintenance of power, fire safety, and alarm systems, ensured the safety of both residents and property. The developer stated they would continue to assess the extent of the damage to reassure residents that all properties are fully insured and support stakeholders in thorough assessment and necessary processes.

Mohammed Tahaineh, general manager of projects at DAMAC, who was also actively involved and present at DAMAC Hills during the weather event commended the nearly 1,000 DAMAC employees who joined him, with the support received from Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, RTA, Dubai Rescue Center, DEWA, Civil Defence and other government authorities. He commented, “I am proud of the incredible endeavours of the DAMAC team during this challenging time. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Dubai’s authorities who helped facilitate seamless coordination and resolution of issues as they arose.”

“As we work towards welcoming normality, I would like to express my thanks to our community for their patience, understanding and trust in DAMAC,” concluded Tahaineh.