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Dubai Municipality launches 'A safer summer' campaign


Dubai Municipality has launched a campaign to raise awareness of health and safety issues during the summer

'A safer summer' campaign, which will run until the end of August, involves educational and awareness events and activities aimed at emphasising the need of adhering to safety and health regulations, through a series of events and activities. These include field visits to workplaces and public places, and publishing tips and awareness bulletins related to the summer season.

This year's campaign focuses on job safety and measures to prevent risks such as heat exhaustion, a major hazard in the GCC states, where temperatures can exceed 50 degrees in the summer. It also highlights numerous methods to lower the risk of solar damage and protect the body from direct sunlight. It stresses the importance of public swimming pool and beach safety, safety standards to avoid drowning incidents, and the proper use of customer products such as cosmetics, personal care, and health supplements.

The campaign also aims to highlight the importance of implementing measures to ensure the protection of residences, such as regular maintenance checks on air conditioning systems, maintaining indoor air quality within households, and promoting information on safe handling of LPG cylinders.

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