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AI and Big Data in the battle against COVID-19


A new publication by H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, head of Cybersecurity in the UAE Government, delves into the strategies and tactics employed by the UAE to beat the COVID-19 pandemic

At the signing ceremony, hosted by Trends Research & Advisory, Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti stated that his book ‘AI and Big Data in the Battle Against Covid-19’ explores the crucial role of technology in the UAE’s vaccination campaign to help optimise the distribution of vaccines, guaranteeing timely delivery to its citizens.

He explained that the book sheds light on the instrumental role played by AI and big data in tracking and predicting the virus’s spread, identifying vulnerable populations, and pinpointing high-risk areas for efficient containment and mitigation measures. By leveraging these new-age technologies, the UAE government demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of its citizens. 

The book gives insights into the transformative impact of big data analytics powered by AI in combating the pandemic, providing inspiration for future endeavors in public health and crisis management.

Dr Al Kuwaiti noted that the UAE confronted multiple challenges posed by the virus, emerging as a pioneer in harnessing the power of AI and big data to tackle the outbreak head-on. By deploying cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and real-time big data analytics, provided by Presight, the UAE government embarked on a transformative mission to overcome the pandemic.

Presight, a leading provider of AI and big data analytics solutions, played a pivotal role in enabling the UAE’s dynamic response to the pandemic. Its solutions empowered the government to make rapid, data-driven decisions, ensuring the effective implementation of decisive measures in rapidly evolving circumstances.

Further information on “AI and Big Data in the Battle Against Covid-19” is available on the Trends’ website: