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Abu Dhabi City Municipality launches campaign for clean construction sites

The campaign focuses on keeping construction sites clean. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through its Environment, Health, and Safety Department, has initiated a campaign focused on keeping new construction sites in Abu Dhabi clean

The campaign aims to enhance the overall appearance, preserve the environment, and protect the health and safety of workers at these sites, as well as maintaining the health and safety of community members.

The campaign also aims to raise public awareness among consultants and contractors about maintaining cleanliness and a healthy work environment at construction sites, emphasising the importance of removing environmental pollutants, construction debris, and waste. The Municipality urges all entities, including consultants and contractors, to uphold the highest environmental standards at construction sites. It emphasises the importance of maintaining the general appearance of these sites and their surrounding areas, adhering to best practices in the transportation and disposal of construction waste, and prioritising the health and safety of workers and their work environment.

The campaign is organised within the framework of the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s unified initiative (Umm Saeed) to keep Abu Dhabi clean.