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Siemens releases new IoT-enabled fire safety products

Fire Safety

Multinational corporation, Siemens, has expanded its Cerberus PRO fire safety offering with the release of their new range of IoT-enabled products

Included in Siemens' new products and services is an FC720 control panel which uses new X200 gateways for built-in connectivity. This enables the installation and commissioning processes while increasing efficiency and power on the loop, allowing customers more flexibility to plan their systems. Siemens has also released a new detector, the OOH740 Cerberus PRO, equipped with DFTtechnology, which allows the detectors to be tested automatically at pre-chosen times or on demand, remotely, and on-site. Their new app, Cerberus Connect, is a new addition to their Cerberus Cloud Apps portfolio, available for iOS and Android devices. The app enables fire safety staff to be notified immediately in case of an event, and the status and event history of their fire safety site can be checked at any time and place. 

Siemens Smart Infrastructure aims to combine the real and digital across energy systems and industries in order to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Its purpose is to create an ecosystem that meets the needs of customers intuitively, and their new additions are an appropriate enhancement to their fire safety portfolio. Digitisation of fire protection systems means that maintenance processes can become simplified for customers into everyday routines, and allows clients to have full visibility of the fire system.