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NAFFCO introduces electric fire-fighting truck

The NAFFCO electric fire truck. (Image source: NAFFCO)

Fire Safety

NAFFCO, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of safety solutions worldwide, has introduced an electric fire-fighting truck, designed to improve efficiency and optimise operations during emergencies 

With a water pump capable of delivering 2,000 litres per minute coupled with a 4,000-litre water tank and 500-litre foam tank, this electric fire truck promises quick and effective firefighting capabilities. The addition of advanced features such as a roof monitor with a flow rate of 1,900 liters per minute and a foam tank allows a quicker and more effective response to emergencies.

The fire truck has innovative features such as an integrated 360-degree warning light system, electronic tank level indicators, a fully controlled and customisable digital sign board for traffic control messages, and a 4x camera for monitoring the environment, which operates automatically in reverse or with other signals.

Crucial role of innovation

Innovation plays a crucial role in driving the evolution of life safety solutions, the company comments. Intelligent surveillance systems, flexible infrastructure, and autonomous emergency response vehicles are just a few examples of the industry's efforts to foster innovation. Effectiveness and efficiency are the cornerstones of any life safety solution. Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly integrating state-of-the-art technologies into conventional safety measures to improve these aspects. Advanced sensors, real-time data analytics, and improved communication systems all contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of life safety solutions. With timely and accurate information at their disposal, these innovations allow first responders to act quickly and decisively in critical situations.

NAFFCO's electrical fire truck represents an important change in the landscape of emergency response vehicles, it adds, thanks to its use of cutting-edge technology which not only improves effectiveness and efficiency, but also reduces response time and fosters sustainability. 

Ali Al Khatib, NAFFCO Group managing director, emphasised how the company's approach alignts with the global shift towards addressing climate change and carbon emissions. 

“NAFFCO's innovative approach extends to integrating cutting-edge (AI) and (IIOT) technologies into all fire and life safety products and systems, fostering a sustainable future.

“Notably, last year, we proudly manufactured the first electric ambulance in the MENA region. This year, our success continues with the development of the electric fire truck. As NAFFCO encompasses various types of Fire and Life vehicles, this pioneering approach will resonate across our diverse range, contributing to a safer and more sustainable world.”