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Johnson Controls launches next-generation one-bolt coupling

Fire Safety

The G-Fire One-Bolt Figure 579A is grooved, rigid coupling, optimal for out-of-the box, push-on installation, designed for a smooth implementation experience and optimised to join fire suppression piping faster and easier

Johnson Controls, the leading supplier for smart and sustainable buildings, has launched the next-generation Grinnell G-Fire One-Bolt Figure 579A Coupling, with customised gaskets for more secure fitting on fire suppression pipe joints. 

“Whether contractors are installing a fire sprinkler system in a storage facility or standard commercial space, their time is valuable. Joining pipe shouldn’t be time consuming or laborious,” said Martin Schulte-Frankenfeld, global director product management, Johnson Controls. 

“We’ve improved this next generation coupling with customized gaskets so contractors can simply position the coupling and tighten a single bolt. We’re excited to offer such a time-saving addition to our One-Bolt Coupling portfolio that gives contractors more confidence in their fire suppression system installations.” 

Along with speeding up the installation process, the One-Bolt 579A Coupling features center-stop gaskets, designed for specific coupling sizes to help ensure proper positioning. The 1.25" and 1.5" coupling sizes keep its proven, powder-lubricated gasket, ideal for small pipe diameters. 2" and 4" sizes use a redesigned self-lubricating gasket, intending to optimise roll and pinch protection. 

A low-profile spine allows contractors to install couplings in tighter spaces, while 360-degree pipe contact guarantees a rigid joint. 

The 579A comes pre-assembled and pre-lubricated, the 579A coupling offers a three-piece housing and one bolt to tighten. The single-bolt design eliminates alternate tightening and assistents in consistent installations and dependable product performance.