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Fighting fire: protecting the UAE's megastructures

The EXPO 2020 site consumed around 700,000 litres of Jotun's fireproofing paints, with the accompanying primers and topcoats across multiple pavilions. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Fire Safety

Fire safety is essential when designing any load-bearing structural steel building

In the event of a fire, the materials selected during specification and construction are crucial in limiting the risk when it comes to the spread of smoke and flames. A vital element of fire safety includes the use of fire-resistant paints such as intumescent coatings, as they represent one of the most efficient measures to protect against the spread of any fire-related disaster, especially when it comes to steel. Intumescent coatings prevent or delay structural failure in the event of a fire, extending the time rescue teams have during evacuation.

With the use of specific technologies such as intumescent paints, which are already well established in the UAE, the country can be considered as one of the leaders in fireproofing regulation and projects globally.

In an exclusive article for MENA HSE Review, Calvin Reck, sales manager of Protective Coatings at Jotun Paints UAE, discusses the role of fire-resistant paints in protecting the UAE’s megastructures. You can read the full article in the latest issue of MENA HSE Review here


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