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Abu Dhabi DoE launches campaign to improve safety of centralised LPG systems

Fire Safety

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has launched an initiative to improve the safety of centralised liquid petroleum gas (LPG) systems in around 2,800 commercial and residential buildings across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with relevant governmental entities

It will involve a comprehensive examination of LPG gas filling arrangements, safety equipment, and gas systems inside buildings and their connected residential units, using devices designed to verify the integrity of storage tanks, detect gas leaks and identify any necessary safety-related upgrades. When complete, the DoE will issue a free Certificate of Conformity, valid for one year, to confirm adherence to safety requirements for gas systems.  

Owners will be accountable for ensuring effective operation and maintenance of gas systems and annual inspections to achieve re-certification obligations under the new DoE regulations, or be subject to fines or legal proceedings. Owners and facility managers will be notified of the inspection date at least one week in advance, allowing them to display public notices at building entrances and  ensuring that tenants are aware of the process and can cooperate with inspectors.  

In addition, DoE is planning an awareness campaign via its media and social media channels, to raise awareness about the criticality of safe installations of centralised LPG  systems.