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EU legislation to lead the way?


European Commission flagsThe European Commission proposed to replace to European Union directives governing the safety of personal protective equipment and cableways installation by directly applicable regulations

This means 56 pages of national legislation, piling up to hundreds of pages, will be scrapped, streamlining the business between the nation states.  The proposal will help ensure that products marketed as safeguarding the user against certain risks - e.g. "this product protects against heat of up to 100°C" - fulfil their claims. The two regulations proposed cover a very wide range of products designed for both consumers and professionals, including bicycle helmets and cable cars.

If passed, the new legislation may well lead the global safety levels and minimum standards for manufacturers and companies across the world. European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani stated: “More coherent rules for personal protective equipment and cableway installations will lower businesses' compliance costs, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies doing business in the EU would be able to refer to one single legal text.”