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RoadSafetyUAE highlights need for increased safety measures

UAE has seen a significant decline in road fatalities over the past 15 years. (Image source: Canva)


The UAE's Ministry of Interior (MOI) uploaded ‘open data’ road safety statistics for 2023

According to the ministry, the UAE remains committed to reducing road fatalities, with recent numbers showing a slight increase from last year's 'All Time Low' of 343 to 352, marking a 3% rise but still an 8% decrease compared to 2021.

The long-term trend is noteworthy, as the UAE has seen a significant decline in road fatalities over the past 15 years, the ministry said. The last time fatalities surpassed 1,000 was in 2008, with a remarkable 67% drop since then.

Details of the statistics include:

352 fatalities were reported in the latest statistics, showing a 3% increase compared to 2022 (343), but an 8% decrease from 2021 (381). Additionally, there were 5,568 injured persons, marking a 10% rise from 2022 (5,045) and a 27% increase from 2021 (4,377). Major accidents numbered 4,391, indicating an 11% increase from 2022 (3,945) and a 26% rise from 2021 (3,488).

Among the fatalities and injuries, 70% were attributed to five violations: distracted driving, sudden deviation, tailgating, negligence and inattention, and lack of lane discipline. The age group most vulnerable to accidents was 19-29 years, accounting for 38% of fatalities and 36% of injuries. Notably, 15% of major accidents involved new driving license holders.

Interestingly, 98% of accidents occurred in good weather and clear road conditions, with evening hours proving to be the most dangerous time to be on the roads, accounting for 43% of victims. Abu Dhabi had the highest fatality rate at 38%, while Dubai topped the list in terms of injured persons at 47%.

Furthermore, 69% of fatalities involved light vehicles, 12% motorcycle riders, and 4% micro-mobility users. Finally, efforts to identify the top 10 dangerous streets are underway.

Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of RoadSafetyUAE commented on the findings, saying that, “We are grateful to MOI for releasing the detailed 2023 road safety statistics early in the year. The strongest indicator in road safety is the number of fatalities, and as this number is hovering near the ‘All Time Low’, which is wonderful news. However, the rise in accidents and injuries is alarming, substantiating the need for a continued focus on road safety.