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Heat-strain prevention technology for workers at risk presented by greenteg

CALERA Inside is a wearable sensor technology for tracking core body temperature continuously and non-invasively. (Image source: greenteg)


greenteg, a Swiss-based innovator in sensing technology, is exhibiting for the first time at the A+A trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, taking place 24–27 October

With the theme “People Matter”, A+A will have several international exhibitors presenting solutions for workplace safety and health; ranging from fire protection, and wearable technologies to advanced safety systems.

Why heat at the workplace cannot be ignored

A report published by The International Labor Office in Geneva stated that by 2030, a 1.3°C temperature rise could result in a 2.2% loss of working hours, equal to 80 million jobs, and a US$2,400bn (PPP) GDP loss. These findings align with other studies projecting losses of US$311bn (PPP) in 2010 and US$2,400bn (PPP) in 2030.

Although the precise economic repercussions of global warming remain to be calculated due to the complexity of excessive heat and its diverse impacts, another research indicates that extreme heat could result in an annual productivity loss of US$100bn for the US alone. If not effectively addressed, this trend has the potential to erode as much as one-sixth of global economic activity by the year 2100. 

A preventive solution is needed for workers who find themselves in high-risk, heat-related situations. 

The CALERA solution

CALERA Inside is a wearable sensor technology for tracking core body temperature continuously and non-invasively, thanks to a miniaturised heat flux sensor. Combined with a powerful algorithm and a patented thermal integration design, unprecedented insights into body temperature fluctuations are provided. This continuous monitoring solution provides data to employers, offering them the opportunity to make informed decisions in preventing health-related accidents and illnesses.

The CALERA technology is the result of more than a decade of research, conducted in collaboration with leading sports and medical research institutes as well as partners situated in Switzerland and the European Union.

Monitoring heat remotely: a benefit for Industry   

Industry sectors such as construction, firefighting, oil rigs, steel, and mining to name a few, will benefit from this remote, core body temperature monitoring solution.

CALERA Inside offers versatile connectivity options, enabling individual or group monitoring through a dedicated app. CALERA is designed to be worn as a wearable; worn around the chest or arm with a strap, or integrated in clothing.  

The data collected is transferred to a cloud-based platform. The analysed data can be converted to real-time alerts that are industry-specific, providing real-time insights for team managers. This empowers employers and workers in affected industries to proactively address temperature-related risks, boosting both productivity and safety.