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Global prescription safety glasses market set to grow

The global prescription safety glasses market is forecast to grow to US$1bn by 2031. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


According to a report from Transparency Market Research Inc. (TMR), the global prescription safety glasses market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2023 to 2031, to top US$1bn

The report cites as factors driving the market the growing need for prescription safety glasses in industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare and laboratories, along with enhanced awareness of the importance of eye safety in the workplace and increasingly stringent safety standards

Increasing prevalence of vision disorders, and the availability of various types of prescription safety glasses for workplaces are also factors. The report notes the increasing advancements in lens technology, materials and frame designs improving the aesthetics and performance of prescription safety eyewear, with manufacturers developing technologically advanced products that offer anti- fog coating, adjustable temples, and shatter-resistant lenses. 

Benefits of prescription safety eyewear

An article in the latest issue of MENA HSE Review discusses the merits of prescription safety eyewear compared with over the glasses (OTG) safety eyewear, You can read the article here