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Supporting cybercrime awareness among youth


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has continued its support to LOYAC and sponsors its cybercrime committee programme as part of its commitment toward corporate social responsibility

NBK’s sponsorship of the programme aims to raise awareness on the cybercrime protection laws in Kuwait, and the most common mistakes that youth make on social media.

The programme runs for three weeks, where participants will explore and research with specialists from the Ministry of Interior about topics that encourage their role as active members in our society.

The programme addresses cybercrime in Kuwait, the legality and how to correctly use online platforms. The participants are to create and showcase an awareness campaign based on the research and information they received.

“NBK’s sponsorship is part of its ongoing drive to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities”, said NBK Public relations officer, Joanne Al Abdul Jaleel. “As part of the program, NBK and LOYAC will produce a video campaign for social media to help raise awareness on cybercrime.”

“NBK’s sponsorship and support come in line with the bank’s customary and ongoing spirit of corporate citizenship as well as the vital role it plays in supporting youth,” Al Abdul Jaleel added.

NBK continues to promote a range of philanthropic missions and social welfare programmes as part of the humanitarian dimension of its corporate social responsibility to assert its leadership in supporting Kuwait’s social development, standing as a model in serving all aspects of the community.

LOYAC is a nonprofit organisation that runs several programs for the youth to develop their professional skills, enhance their personal growth and help them find their sense of purpose by extending themselves to others.