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NEBOSH launches scholarship for aspiring health and safety professionals


NEBOSH, one of the world’s leading health and safety awarding bodies, is offering scholarship for aspiring health and safety professionals

Aspiring health and safety practitioners have until 25 May to apply for a scholarship to study for a NEBOSH Diploma.

Two winners – a UK and an International learner – will be awarded paid-for online study for the NEBOSH National or International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals.

The Michael Adamson NEBOSH Diploma Scholarship is named in memory of Michael Adamson who lost his life in a preventable workplace incident. The Diploma and scholarship are designed to help learners develop the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in the workplace, advance their careers and keep people safe from harm.

Dee Arp, NEBOSH chief operating officer and one of the judges, said, “NEBOSH is dedicated to supporting budding health and safety practitioners to gain the skills they need to achieve their academic and career dreams.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for two people to advance their professional development and gain a sought-after and respected qualification. It’s the perfect platform for them to go on and help keep even more people and communities safe and healthy.” 

Applications are open from 4-25 May 2021. Applicants fill in an online form on NEBOSH’s website and are initially assessed against minimum criteria. The third and final stage of the process is a judging panel that will select the two lucky winners. Judges include two NEBOSH Diploma holders, two NEBOSH employees (themselves Diploma holders) and Louise Adamson, Michael’s sister and NEBOSH Ambassador.