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Lightstream launches managed security services


Lightstream, cloud security, network transformation and managed services provider, has launched Managed Security Services (MSS)

Lightstream’s suite of managed services helps organisations better manage risk by improving security outcomes and efficiency while meeting the requirements for core, mobile and public cloud infrastructure compliance.

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digital transformation as the world rethinks the use of technology in everything from work to school, to entertainment and health care. Cyber-attacks have escalated globally, with the recent Interpol assessment citing an alarming rate of attacks shifting from individuals and small businesses to major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure.

Lightstream MSS helps IT leaders address these challenges by reducing security costs and reducing the complexity of pay-as-you-go solutions delivered by a team of cloud and security experts. Services provide operational and advisory capabilities that help customers build, maintain and improve their safety position. Available in flexible third party services, MSS includes:

Edge Defence: Management, operation, and maintenance of virtual and physical devices at the network edge

Endpoint Defence: Prevention, detection and automated security incident response at scale

Access Defence: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform delivering connectivity using a common cloud-based infrastructure

Cloud Defence: Continuous monitoring, detection and incident response for public cloud

“Many businesses find themselves struggling due to changing global economic conditions,” said Rafal Los, vice-president of security strategy at Lightstream. “Budgets are under pressure, while security threats are increasing and talent is at a premium. This is the perfect time not to have to choose between investing in your business or investing in security. Lightstream’s unique approach maximises cybersecurity investment by coupling decreased cost and complexity with improved effectiveness in a cost-effective, consumption-based model.”