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Axis launches new series of surveillance cameras


Security technology company Axis Communications has announced the release of a new range of surveillance cameras

The Q86 Series is a set of visual and thermal high-speed pan-tilt (PT) head network cameras for a range of light conditions and surveillance areas.

The manufacturer said the cameras’ fast pan-tilt capabilities and low-light visual and thermal features made them ideal for perimeter protection, border control and transportation monitoring, while their improved levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness made them adept for monitoring large areas in “challenging conditions”.

“With the introduction of fast moving pan/tilt head cameras we offer operators managing perimeter protection and border surveillance a solution for covering large areas, reducing the number of cameras needed,” explained Axis’ director of product management Erik Frännlid. “The PT head’s rapid movements of up to 100 degrees per second make video surveillance more efficient and secure and serves as a deterrent to potential intruders as well.”

The Q86 Series consists of two visual and two thermal models, to allow for surveillance in a variety of conditions, and will be available for purchase from Q3 2015.