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Safety shower must-haves for workers


Aqua Safety Showers showcase some of their must-have safety products that can meet all the worker and site safety demands

MODELS: TS1500CN (Non-Hazardous Areas) TS1500CH (Hazardous Areas) 

Ideal for hot outdoor climates, this self-contained safety shower guarantees over 15 minutes of tepid water (meeting and exceeding ANSI & EN standards). The unit is built from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and GRP, ensuring your asset is low-maintenance and incredibly long-lasting. This emergency shower is also wrapped in photo-luminous signage, making it highly visible in any conditions. The water chiller controls the water temperature between 20°C - 23°C, helping to reduce the growth of bacteria.


The company has recently introduced inspection ladders for their emergency tank shower range, which make it quick and easy to inspect the header tank and ball float valves. The ladders can be installed to the left, right or rear of the safety shower.

Constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), these ladders are corrosion-resistant and extremely heavy-duty; outperforming traditional materials such as wood or steel. Also fitted with anti-slip rubber feet and a caged ladder area for extra safety and peace of mind.

MODEL: PS1 (without eye-wash) PS1-E (with eye-wash) 

Offering extreme portability, this safety shower is ideal for mobile or temporary use. The polyethylene tank holds 114 litres and is mounted on a stainless steel frame with heavy-duty wheels - making it easy to manoeuvre by one person. Available with or without an eye wash station, the unit can also be fitted with an insulated jacket to help reduce solar gain.


Ideal for hot climates (up to 60°C/140°F), this safety shower drains down after use and does not hold water in the pipework. This is essential in hot areas as it reduces the risk of scalding or stagnant water. The shower is built from robust, corrosion-resistant materials for long and trouble-free life. Easy activation via panic bar releases water from 3 nozzles – overhead, upper body and lower body – for total, full body decontamination. Many optional extras are available to suit your site requirements, including eye wash, foot platform operation, alarms, sirens and more. Meets and exceeds ANSI & EN standards.

Aqua Safety Showers is a worldwide provider of emergency safety shower and eye wash units for the oil, chemical, gas and utility industries. Their range of safety equipment includes units suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in extreme temperatures up to +60°C (140°F). As well as the superior build quality of their showers, they have the flexibility to adapt, modify or design bespoke units in their manufacturing facility in Great Britain. All of our products are designed in accordance with and ANSI and EN safety standards.

Contact Details: Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd: / / +44 (0) 1942 318096