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MSD contributes more than US$500,000 to healthcare sector in Lebanon


Pharmaceutical company MSD in Lebanon, known as Merck & Co in the US and Canada, has announced a cash and medicines donation valued at more than US$500,000 to the healthcare sector in Lebanon

This donation is in response to calls for support by the Prime Minister during the COVID-19 outbreak in Lebanon.

The donation will support various institutions, hospitals and medical associations in their ongoing efforts against the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, the cash and medicines donation will be used to deliver healthcare to patients who are suffering from many conditions such as cancer and whose access to routine health care may have been interrupted during the containment stage.

“We are grateful to the government and to all healthcare providers for everything that they are doing to protect the Lebanese people and to ensure their wellbeing and safety during this global public health crisis,” said Okan Isikci, general manager of MSD Levant. “We recognise that the officials are experiencing challenges never-before anticipated. We also want to thank all the healthcare workers and those on the front lines of this health crisis who are treating and saving as many lives as they can. We say Thank You and we salute you.”

MSD is focused on protecting the safety of its employees and their families, ensuring that our supply of medicines and vaccines reach our patients, contributing our scientific expertise to the development of antiviral approaches, and supporting our healthcare providers and our communities.

MSD has also launched a programme to enable its medically trained employees to volunteer their time to aid their communities while maintaining their base pay. This volunteering includes several members of MSD staff in the Levant.