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Fine Hygienic Holding implements new policy to promote employees health and wellness


Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, has implemented a progressive new policy and benefit to promote employee health and wellness

The manufacturer has these changes in line with one of its core values, “If we take care of the people, the business will take care of itself,” to ensure the care and well-being of each of its team members.

Given the current global situation, FHH recently launched a new Employee Assistance Programme to address a significant, but largely unrecognised, COVID-19 pandemic consequence — it has the potential to negatively affect mental health and wellness.

The free programme provides 24/7 confidential hotline counselling and support services, available from qualified psychologists to all Fine employees and their immediate family members in English, Arabic, French, Urdu and Hindi, to address any challenges they may face, such as stress , anxiety, disease and other problems.

The company has also introduced a new remote work policy that allows Fine employees to “Work from Anywhere”. The policy states that employees have the option, under normal circumstances, to work remotely one day a week if they want from anywhere they choose.

As circumstances change, the policy may allow as many remote workdays as the situation requires, for example with the current situation. The policy’s flexible work arrangements can help reduce work-related stress, help employees exercise adaptability and agility, and promote overall more balanced wellbeing.

FHH CEO James Michael Lafferty said, “Our employees are our greatest asset; their health and wellness has always been among our top priorities, and we recognise that a big part of well-being lies in mental health.

“The Employee Assistance Programme and the Work from Anywhere policy were implemented to help our employees lead a more balanced life. Our biggest goal is to support our employees, and their loved ones, as best we can. Here at Fine we are all one family, and we will always support and care for our own, through easy times and tough ones, no matter what.”