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Tyco LFII sprinkler improves hydraulic performance for residential fire protection

Fire Safety

Johnson Controls has launched the new Tyco LFII Residential 5.8K Concealed Pendent Sprinkler for the protection of homes, hotels and other residential buildings

The sprinklers increased 5.8K-factor allows for improved hydraulic performance compared to earlier residential models. The sprinkler and cover plate assembly provide a concealed aesthetic while allowing for adjustments of up to seven to eight cm, which provides additional flexibility while performing installations.

Anna Khanova, global vice president of product management at Johnson Controls, said, “Our team designed the new LFII residential sprinkler around two key attributes that are most important to customers; installation flexibility and performance.”

"The superior hydraulic performance means this sprinkler is more efficient at suppressing fire hazards in larger sized residential rooms.”

The Tyco sprinkler is intended for use in a wet pipe sprinkler system for residential buildings up to four stories in height.